Fire Safety on Campus: 
Fire retardant treatments are required for all non‐LISD purchased upholstered furnishings, cloth bulletin boards, etc. Window coverings not provided by the district, (such as valances, decorative coverings, etc.) will not be allowed in classrooms, regardless of flame retardant treatment. Rules for fire retardant treatment will be attached in a separate document. 
The maximum allowance for upholstered furnishings per classroom will be 9 linear feet. This may be a combination of pieces or one piece of furniture. Cloth materials such as bean bag chairs and pillows are included in the maximum allowance. All upholstered items will need to be treated as per the fire retardant treatment policy.
Products made from flame retardant materials, such as stage curtains, must have a permanent label affixed.
 Classrooms will follow the 20% rule for surface coverage. Bookshelves and cabinets that have not been provided by this district will be included in the 20%. All items being stored above cabinets will be included in the 20% and must not surpass the 18” (sprinklered building)/24” (non‐sprinklered building) minimum clearance from the ceiling.
Flat paper items such as borders and student artwork may extend to the ceiling and will be included in the 20% maximum room
Items hanging from the ceiling must be hung with a metal clip, attached to fishing line, and must meet the 18/24” rule. These items must not cover or block sprinkler heads, fire alarm devices, emergency signage, and must not disrupt the ceiling tiles. These items will also be included in the 20% room total. *. Please report all cracked, stained or missing tiles so that a work order can be put in. Do not paint or put paper directly on the ceiling tile. (This includes hallways, offices, classrooms, cafeteria, etc.)
No items will be allowed to hang over doorways.
Corridors‐No items will be allowed to hang from the ceilings in the corridors. The maximum allowable wall coverage in the corridors will be 20%. An exception to this rule will be fire retardant treated signage that is necessary for safe and effective operation of the school (an example would be signs that state bus riders here, walkers here, etc.).
Microwaves are allowed in break rooms only. Microwaves and/or refrigerators must be plugged directly into the wall. They may not be plugged into a surge protector or extension cord. Microwaves need proper ventilation. Please do not stack items on top of or beside the microwave. Never leave the microwave unattended when in use. No popcorn is allowed in microwaves. 
No scented ply-ins of any kings are allowed on campus.
Only approved extension cords can be used and only as a temporary source of electricity. Extension cords rated strictly for home use are not allowed. An approved extension cord must be plugged directly into the wall and must be unplugged when not in use. It may not be plugged into another extension cord or a surge protector. Extension cords cannot be used for lamps, televisions, electronic equipment; use a surge protector instead.
A surge protector can be left plugged in. A surge protector must be plugged directly into the wall; they may not be plugged into another surge protector or an extension cord even if it is temporary as overloading may occur.
make sure that you have a 36" clearance around all doorways. There also needs to be a 36" clearance in aisle ways in the classroom to allow for easy evacuation.
Make sure that you do not block access to any fire extinguisher. All fore extinguishers need to be mounted and on an inspection plan with the district.
All exit paths such as corridors, ramps behind the stage, etc. must not have any items stored in them.
All flammable paints and sprays must be stored in a hazmat locker. If it is a water-based paint or it is not flammable it does not have to be stored in a hazmat locker.
Please report all chirping or nonfunctional smoke alarms so that a work order can be put in. Please do not dismantle and smoke alarm.
If you have an outlet cover that is missing or cracked. please report it so that a work order can be put in.
Do not use multi-plug adapters.
Coffee makers are allowed in approved break rooms only. They may not be used in classrooms, prep rooms, etc.
Toaster/ Toaster ovens are not allowed to be used on campus.
Candles are allowed on campus if they have never been lit. candle warmers are not allowed.
Items such as warming plates, fifth burners, hot plates, Galileo thermometers, halogen lamps, curling irons, hair dryers or lava lamps are not allowed in schools.
Space heaters are not permitted.
Classroom doors may only be propped open when the teacher is in the classroom.
Do not cover light fixtures or place anything inside light fixtures.
Do not block and exit sign or fire strobe.
Do not place any posters, shelves, pictures, etc on any electrical breaker box.
Christmas lights can be used of there are no more than three strands hung together and they are hung properly; do not put nails, thumb tacks, etc. through the strand. Christmas lights must be plugged directly into the wall and unplugged every time you leave the room.
Electrical rooms may not be used for storage.